While planning your next vacation, remember GREECE.

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with varied terrain and plenty of photo-worthy features. The climate of Greece is varied, with Alpine, and, Mediterranean temperate zones.
Greece is generally accepted as one of the first places in Europe that civilization took hold and is the birthplace of many things we’re familiar with, such as: philosophy, political science, democracy, literature, theatre comedy and drama, medicine and curative treatment, and even visions,such as the idea, the principles, and the organization of the Olympic Games.
The sea has a huge influence on Greek life and culture. It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea, it’s made up of a mainland and more than 6,000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited.


https://greece-tours.info is a website under the umbrella of Astoria Travel,  a travel agency that was founded in Athens during 1958, by a family involved in the travel trade since September 20, 1926. It is operating by the same family, for three generations. Our activities include historical, cultural and educational tours, catering for individuals and groups, and visiting places that remind you of the glory of ancient Greece.
The guided tours in Greece are organized in shared buses by 3 big Tour Operators  and all the travel agents, worldwide, sell them at discounted rates. Our mission is to provide a professional, affordable, reliable, problem-free and personal service.
To start the communication send us a message, and ask your questions. We shall get back to you asap.


The Greek people welcome you.

Greek people in majority are good manored, smiling, helpful, and optimistic personalities. English language is widely spoken, especially by the younger generations. Athens, was and still is one of the safest European capitals, although there are areas that there is no need for you to visit them.
Ask the locals, your Greek friend, your local travel agent, or the hotel employees. They know better, and they can advise you about the areas that you must avoid.
During your visit to Greece. learn the Greek way of communication--dancing. Grab each other by the arm and begin dancing, just like the Greeks do.
It's very likely you'll be as charmed by the Greek people as you will be, by Greece's beautiful landscape.


All the travel agents and the well known websites all over the world sell the same tours. Our difference is that in the multi day tours we give you a wider option of hotels, centrally located. The tour services are the same, it is the hotels that make the price difference.

The tours that we selected and sell are the following:
*      Morning Athens tour, with Acropolis & Acropolis museum,
*      Afternoon tour to Sounion & the temple of Poseidon,
*      Full day Athens with lunch and cape Sounion,
*      Morning tour to Ancient Corinth
*      1 day guided tour to Delphi & Arachova,
*      1 day tour to Mycenae, Epidaurus & Nafplion.
*      2 day tour to Delphi & Meteora,
*      3 day "explore Meteora" tour - (extra day free),
*      3 day classical tour of Greece,
*      4 day classical tour & Meteora,
*      4 day Monday special tour, o/night in Nafplion,
*      5 day Monday special classical tour & Meteora, o/night in Nafplion.

Furthermore, we organize,  tours to suit your plans, and pace.

*       One day tour to Olympia
*      One day tour to Delphi
*      One day tour to Argolis

*      One day tour from Athens to Meteora from 62.00 €,
*      Independent 2 day trip to Meteora by train from 68.00 €,
*      2d Explore Meteora, "Sunset" & Morning tours from 115.00€,
*      Independent 2d trip Meteora & Delphi by train from 110.00€,
*      Independent 3d trip Meteora & Delphi by train from 130.00€,

- Hotel accommodation bookings,
- Ferry tickets to the Greek islands,
- College educational & cultural tours,

* DO YOU NEED A PRIVATE TRANSFER from/to the Airport in Athens?

Our prices combined with our presence in the travel trade since 1926, bring us at the top, and guarantees our attention to the smallest detail of our service.