1 day tour to Argolis

Visit Corinth canal-Mycenae-Nafplion-Epidaurus

April – October, the tour is organized on Mondays-Tue-Wed-Thu & Saturdays
Nov-Mar, the tour is organized on Tue, Thu, Sat.
 Sites/museums close at 15:00

Argolis is one of the longest occupied regions in Greece, with evidence of Neolithic settlements. Attractions such as Agamemnon’s fortress at Mycenae, the amazing theatre of Epidaurus, and the elegant city of Nafplion, draw huge crowds of people.
Highlights: Corinth canal, the mythical fortified city of Mycenae with the Lions’ Gate, the palace of Agamemnon and the tomb of Atreus, Epidaurus, the sanctuary of Asclepius-the god of medicine, the famous for its amazing acoustics theatre of Epidaurus, and a short photo stop at the romantic and beautiful “Venetian” old city of Nafplion.

Legendary MYCENAE – founder of a civilization

Mycenae was the kingdom of mythic Agamemnon. Myths related to history have inspired poets and writers over the centuries from Homer and the Greek tragedies of the classical period. The site was uncovered in 1874 by Heinrich Schlieman, who also found and excavated the site of Troy. You enter the citadel through the famous Lions’ Gate.  

Beautiful NAFPLION – the “Venice of Greece”

Modern architecture hasn’t spoiled the old town of Nafplion, which is a feast for the eye. It was the capital of the Greek state in the early 1830s. Here, is the first residential place for the young Bavarian Prince, Otto, the first king of the new country after the revolution against the Turks. The old town is beautiful, with old mansions and paved roads. The town’s fortresses, the Palamidi and the Acronafplia, played a key role during the war of independence. The Venetian influence is everywhere justifying the town’s name as the “Greek Venice”.  

The Amazing open theatre of EPIDAURUS

The priests of the sanctuary of god Asclepius were excellent surgeons. The administration of the sanctuary decided to build a theatre on the ground of the sanctuary, to entertain the patients.

Today, next to the sanctuary of Asclepius, there is a small museum, displaying the instruments and tools used by the priests to perform brain operations. 

Itinerary of day tour to Argolis

Time Tour Plan Services
07:30 Start the pick up from the hotelsDeparture from the terminal at 08.30
10:00Arrival at Corinth canalShort photo stop
11:15Arrival in ancient MycenaeVisit ancient site & museum
13:00Lunch in a local restaurantLunch is optional. See the price paid.
14:15Drive on to "Venetian" NafplionShort photo stop at Nafplion
15:15Arrival at the site of EpidaurusVisit the museum & the theatre
18:30Arrival in the centre of Athens Drop off at your hotel by 19:30
1 day tour to Argolis. Corinth canal-Mycenae-Nafplion-Epidaurus

OUR DISCOUNTED OFFERS for the One day guided tour to Argolis, are:
1) per adult, for the tour without lunch = 59.00 € + applicable entrance fees
2) The Student Enabler price, (ISI card holders), without lunch and without entrance fees = 49.00 €.
ONLY holders of International Student Identity Cards are eligible to this price.

– Lunch is served in a restaurant in modern Mycenae village and costs 10.00 € extra for everybody.

JANUARY – DECEMBER, juniors under 19 and E.U. students, are allowed free of charge.
JANUARY – DECEMBER, students from other countries and E.U. seniors over 65, pay 12.00 €
NOVEMBER – MARCH, everybody else, pays 12.00 €, while, from
APRIL – OCTOBER everybody else pays 24.00 € extra.

The prices quoted are per person, and include:
– transportation on modern air-conditioned buses
– Pick up / drop off from your hotel or near your hotel (See the list of hotels at the footer of the website)
– Services of the professional tour guide.

This 1 day Tour can be done as a private tour daily (cost shared by the passengers):
The cost of transportation, 1-4 pax, is 260.00 euro, and for 5-8, it is 10.00 euro p.p. extra.
Entrance fees, lunch, and drinks are not included in the price and are paid locally.

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